Gary Ackerman

Gary Ackerman co-founded and serves as the Executive Director of the Western Power Trading Forum. In the 1990s, Mr. Ackerman worked as a developer of natural gas fired generation projects in Nevada and California.  His transition from project development to trade association leadership came about in 1997 when he was retained by Mock Energy Services/Avista Energy to represent a new class of California market participants known as Scheduling Coordinators.  His service for the Independent Operator and the Power Exchange Trusts, precursors to the CAISO and the CalPX, included leadership on organizing prospective scheduling coordinators through the maze of evolving rules and regulations.  The CAISO took over that function in late 1997, however, Mr. Ackerman continued in that role through the establishment of WPTF.Other professional engagements include founder and Executive Director of the Western Independent Transmission Group (WITG) (2011 – 2013), as well as consulting to private-client corporations such as ITC Holdings (2013 – present), Calpine Corporation (2004), Automated Power Exchange (2002), and the Ridge Energy Group (2002). Prior to moving to California in 1978, Mr. Ackerman worked as an analyst at Commonwealth Edison, the electric utility then serving Chicago and Northern Illinois.Mr. Ackerman has an M.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago (1976), and a B.A. in Economics from Michigan State University (1973).  He is a native of Cleveland, Ohio.

Gary Ackerman
Executive Director
Email: gackerman@wptf.org
Phone: (925) 299-9271