Blog posts of '2018' 'January'

The weird and unique creature of electricity markets
“What the Hell is this?”, my CEO said as he was looking at a pro formafor financing a major acquisition. Twenty or so years ago, my company (US Generating Company – it would become part of PG&E National Energy Group) was bidding on the generating assets of New England Electric. My CEO was Joe Kearney, the best leader and smartest man I ever knew in the industry. A PhD graduate in nuclear engineering from MIT and a former developer of natural gas pipelines, he was also as facile as anyone I ever knew with finance… you know, how we get money to fund things.
The Sacramento “Car Wash”
Well, I write this from a Peet’s Coffee shop in El Dorado Hills, CA on a grey day here in the foothills of the Sierras. I’m on my first trip out West and trying to see the Board members of WPTF in the Northern California area, meet with our consultants to get a handle on all the excellent work they are doing for our members and to see some folks at CAISO… But first let me share this photo (below) on my way out of Sacramento out to El Dorado Hills. I thought to myself… “Hmmm, if I just stay on 50 long enough, I’ll get to the exit for my house in Maryland… just before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.”
"Who's the New Kid?"
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Scott Miller. As you may know, I am the incoming Executive Director of the Western Power Trading Forum (WPTF) and, while I’ll be working with Gary for the next 6 months to ensure a smooth transition, I am aware of the “big shoes” into which I am stepping. Gary and the members of WPTF have done an incredible job surviving and ultimately thriving in some difficult circumstances. Back in 1998 when WPTF was created – a year later I convinced my company (PG&E National Energy Group) to join – we all thought the growth of electric markets was going to be a linear path up. Well, for reasons we all understand and about which I won’t go into now, the markets didn’t quite evolve that way.