Blog posts of '2018' 'February'

Hi! I’m the Rush Chairman. Damn glad to meet ya.
Three nights and two days inside hotel meeting spaces… that is the Winter NARUC meeting in DC. A gauntlet to be sure but there is no single event of which I know that brings together so many from industry and regulation in the energy space. It was also kind of my “coming out” party as “incoming” Executive Director of WPTF. For most of the time in the halls and receptions, I was tied to the hip with Gary Ackerman as we sought to speak with as many Western regulators and other folks of significance in our space.
Markets are great… IF you let them work
She looked at me intently and said; "I know there are a lot of people who want electric markets to be just like any commodity market, but electricity is different”. While acknowledging the difference, I told my then-colleague, you rely upon the markets to set prices efficiently and to attract capital for investment and thus these markets HAVE to behave like other commodities.