Blog posts of '2020' 'May'

I want to talk about the California ISO (CAISO) and the awful position it has been put in by FERC, the CPUC, the legislature of California and other factors that restrict its independence.
Believe It or Not...
Perhaps you have heard from others during the Covid-19 sheltering that the process leads one to forget what day it is. I encountered this just recently when I ordered curbside take away food from a Mexican Restaurant on May 5. Yep, the video here is the area outside the restaurant with an overflow of folks waiting for food. The parking lot was full of people with masks on trying to maintain social distance while expressing a mild form of rebellion by having some adult beverages. Had I thought about the calendar, I would have avoided this place and ordered Chinese Food. But on to matters more germane to the power business. In case you missed it, WPTF had an interesting Web meeting on “Demand Destruction and Its Implications”. Like any good meeting, there were some surprises.