Greenhouse Gas Regulation

WPTF's GHG Committee follows policy and market developments related to GHG regulation of the power sector. Our primary focus is on California's Cap and Trade program, and the impacts of this program on western electricity markets. WPTF advocacy has been influential in modifying program requirements related to electricity imports under the cap and trade program, include rules for specified imports, resource shuffling and interactions with renewable energy credit markets.

The GHG Committee also works closely with other WPTF focal committees to ensure that California's GHG policies are appropriately accommodated in the western electricity markets. For instance, the GHG Committee recently coordinated with WPTF's CAISO Committee to ensure that GHG compliance costs are appropriately reflected in the California Independent System Operator's Energy Imbalance Market. The WPTF GHG Committee involvement has also been instrumental in the development of contract terms to enable specifying electricity generation imports to be claimed in the California cap and trade program.

As the US Environmental Protection Agency moves forward with its proposed regulation of GHG emissions from the power sector, the GHG Committee will work to ensure that state programs to implement these regulations are compatible with western electricity markets.

Contact Person

Clare Breidenich coordinates WPTF's GHG Committee. Clare has over 18 years' experience on greenhouse gas regulation and policy. In addition to her work with WPTF, Clare has worked on international climate issues with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of State, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat.  She has also served on the Washington State Governor's Climate Action Team and on a National Academy of Science's Committee on monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions.  Clare has a Masters in Environmental Science and Masters of Public Affairs, both from Indiana University; she completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan.

Clare Breidenich
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