A note from Gary Ackerman following the Farewell Roast & Toast to celebrate his retirement


Estimados todos; 

Thank you everyone for the beautiful sendoff Thursday evening. It took 24 hours after the event for the residue of celebration to clear out of my brain. But what hasn’t left me is the glow of good will that was shared.  And bless you for including Erin who reveled in being included. 

When I was a tween, my Mom took me to the Cleveland Playhouse to see the musical Oliver.  The music and story line made an impression on me.  Most of you have seen the same on film when it was produced much later.  The score and lyrics remain forever, but at this moment I am thinking about the chorus of the song, “Who will buy?” It’s so fitting for what I am trying to say. Oliver chants, “Who will buy this wonderful feeling?”  

“Who will tie it up with a ribbon and put it in a box for me?” 

"So I could see it at my leisure, 

Whenever things go wrong, 

And I would keep it as a treasure, 

To last my whole life long.” 

I can’t think of a more apt message of gratitude at this moment. Thanks for handing me that magical box.