Project Development and Operations

WPTFs Project Development & Operations Committee (PDOC) follows California county-level regulations and policies that could impact the viability of obtaining entitlement for renewable energy projects. As California continues to promote the development of renewable energy generation, it was identified by PDOC members that local regulations at the county-level could significantly impact the viability of renewable energy projects. 

The committee focuses on identifying regulations that would impact feasibility of obtaining permits from both a schedule and project economics perspective. In some instances, the committee has brought forth local regulations that preclude the development of renewable energy projects where members were considering project development opportunities. In these instances, the committee members worked with the PDOC members and a PDOC chair-advocate to ensure the renewable energy industry voice is heard during key policy making decisions.  

In an effort to keep all PDOC members informed, access to regulatory information for local land use agencies has been provided to committee members via use of a SharePoint site. The PDOC site provides a user-friendly interface to access for regulations at a local level for renewable energy development projects. 

The PDOC is currently focused on counties in Northern and Southern California where PDOC members are pursuing development opportunities, specifically Kern, San Bernardino, Fresno and Merced counties. Coverage of specific counties may change over time in response to evolving policies and member interest. 

About the Consultants: 

David Hochart and Ian Todd are the technical leads for the PDOC. Jesus Arredondo provides advocacy support.