Project Development & Operations Committee

The Project Develoment & Operations Committee informs committee members of county-level regulations and policies that could impact energy projects.


  • Compile, update and share information about existing regulations, policies and regulatory developments

  • Provide interpretation and assessment of potential implications of policies.

  • Provide opportunity for energy industry to weigh-in before new policy is approved by Counties.


  • Streamline access to regulatory information to make earlier informed decisions on projects.

  • Facilitate proactive involvement in potential policy changes that may impact both an existing or proposed project.

  • Maintain collaborative platform to share information among committee members and obtain insights from experienced PDOC membership and consultants.


  • Work with committee members to define policy types of information that will be tracked, collected and maintained.

  • Maintain a SharePoint database and message center for sharing information with the committee.

  • Provide automated email updates to notify committee members when policy documents are uploaded.

Content Focus

  • Land Use Plans

  • Ordinance Updates

  • Public Areas of Controversy

  • Outreach with County Officials

  • Public Meetings/Hearings

  • Key project decisions that have the potential to set a precedent for future projects.

Committee Contacts

David Hochart and Beth Moisan lead the Project Development Operations Committee (PDOC).

David Hochart is an environmental compliance director with professional experience in environmental licensing and implementing compliance programs for large-scale energy projects. Mr. Hochart works with energy clients to license, construct and operate energy projects. Mr. Hochart manages California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)  and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document preparation and supports clients on all phases of a project from siting studies, site feasibility assessments, cost estimation, licensing, construction compliance, and operation compliance programs. Mr. Hochart has 14 years’ experience in the energy market sector.

Dudek is an employee-owned environmental and engineering consulting firm that helps clients plan, design, permit, construct, and manage energy projects. Dudek helps clients achieve reliable, safe, efficient, cost effective, and environmentally compatible projects involving the built and natural environment. Dudek provides environmental services on utility-scale energy projects producing that have produced more than 5 gigawatts of power generation and on hundreds of transmission projects.

Beth Moisan has 20 years of experience in energy sector planning, permitting, and compliance. As a project manager, currently with SWCA’s California-Pacific region, she assists clients with environmental due diligence, site assessment and permitting for renewable and traditional energy projects across the Western U.S.  Beth was formerly employed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Energy Division, where she was responsible for managing the environmental review of energy projects in compliance with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and CPUC policies and procedures for the licensing of electric transmission lines, substation, and natural gas facilities throughout the state.

SWCA is an employee-owned environmental consulting firm providing a full spectrum of environmental services focused on energy industry consulting and planning, natural and cultural resource management, permitting, and regulatory compliance. Clients include public and private companies and public utilities with interests in power generation and transmission, renewable energy including solar and wind power, transportation and transit infrastructure, and water/wastewater projects.