Resource Adequacy (RA)

WPTFs Resource Adequacy (RA) Committee was created in October 2018 to provide highly focused coverage of RA-related regulatory proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). WPTF has long been an advocate for improvements to the CPUCs RA program, notching up several successes over the years.  

For example, WPTF has consistently called for the adoption of multi-year RA obligations and the CPUC is on the cusp of implementing three-year forward local RA requirements starting in 2020.  But there has never been a dedicated forum for WPTF members to discuss RA policy and collaborate on the development of WPTF’s policy positions. 

The RA Committee was formed to provide such a forum, while also providing committee members with timely and incisive updates about major developments in the CPUC’s RA rulemakings and related proceedings. 

Going forward, the RA Committee will serve as the vehicle for WPTF members to fund and shape WPTF’s advocacy on RA issues before the CPUC, including the creation and administration of a centralized capacity clearing market that will accommodate increasingly volatile load migration, ensure that any collective RA deficiencies are cured with effective resources at a reasonable cost, and promote the retention and development of generation resources that support California’s clean energy goals.   


About the RA Consultant:

Greg Klatt is a practicing attorney with over 20 years of energy industry experience. His practice focuses on state and federal regulation of the electric power and natural gas industries. He has represented clients in numerous ratemaking and rulemaking proceedings before the CPUC. He regularly advises energy companies regarding regulatory requirements applicable to their product and service offerings. He represents marketers and retailers in CPUC licensing, compliance and enforcement matters. He also commonly acts as regulatory counsel in energy-related transactional matters, including procurement contracting, resource development projects, repower projects, major asset acquisitions and related financing arrangements.   

Greg received his J.D. from UC Berkeley’s School of Law (Boalt Hall). He graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in History from the University of San Francisco and is a lifetime member of the Alpha Sigma Nu honor society.