WPTF Focal Areas

Many members find that the best value of WPTF is the coverage it provides regarding developments in crucial focal areas across the West. Currently, these focal areas cover the CAISO markets, including the Energy Imbalance Market, the Resource Adequacy Proceeding in the CPUC, other selected CPUC proceedings, energy matters in the Wider West (outside of California), Carbon and Clean Energy, Legislative Affairs and Mexico Energy Market Reform.

Each focal area is covered by a well-known industry expert who coordinates a dedicated committee on that topic.  Most WPTF policy positions are vetted and developed at the committee level. Committee membership provides access to the must timely information on legislative, regulatory and policy developments relevant to electricity markets in the West.

Each committee conducts its work primarily through email and conference calls. Committee leads provide write-ups of key developments, host regular conference calls, and develop draft advocacy positions and input for review by committee members. Engagement in specific topics, particularly new issues, is at the behest of committee members.

Participation in individual committees is on an ad hoc and elective basis. Members may join or leave a committee at any time. Fees differ across the committees, are billed monthly, and are in addition to annual Board or General membership fees.